Is Siteground A Quality Host?

When we think of the word quality, a number of ideas & thoughts race through our mind. At most, they exceed our expectations based on imagination and creativity. Quality draws attention, and in return, that attention leads to a potential lead in the market. Defining Siteground hits the mark of quality in various aspects of its services, benefits, and offers they provide. In this article, you’ll find out why Siteground is the best hosting company for startup businesses and newbies in website hosting.
Siteground first started with just one employee back in 2007 and have made spectacular upgrades since then. Siteground hosting reviews also reveal that it is recommended by 91% of its users, which reflects the level of the quality Siteground has provided over the years for its customers. Giving a more detailed outlook on Siteground’s quality aspects, here are the top marks in the company:

Exceeds Expectations in Speed & Operation Time

Siteground performs more than just your normal average uptime rate and also exceeds speeds compared to other website hosting companies. Siteground hosting reviews show that its uptime average rate is 99.99%, which is more than the standard for the industry and also shows no lags or spikes in between loading times. In short, the consistency and quality Siteground promises its customers are true to its statement and don’t offer you deals that rip you off in the end.

Outstanding Service

Siteground hosting reviews rate their services a perfect 10/10 rating with an efficient and smooth exchange of conversations. The representatives are knowledgeable about the company, its domains, and services as well as they are fully aware of how to direct the customers to the right direction and give the proper advice straightforward and consistently.

Several Free Add-ons

You’ve got free security add-ons to free domain names and free transfers of existing websites all with the bonus of a money back guarantee. While you’ve got security covered to protect your websites from threats or hacks, having a free domain name is a plus side on Siteground’s services offered. In fact, the offer of a free domain name is a first that has only been offered by Siteground among other companies. Not only are you benefiting from this greatly, but also being saved from the hassle and inconvenience in managing a website. It is greatly alleviated by Siteground’s services.

To be branded as the best hosting company takes a tremendous amount of cooperation and determination performed both internally and externally in a company. Siteground opens a large window of opportunities for businesses that are growing and are new to adapting e-marketing or any technological application to its industry. Also, if customer support and service are areas you wish to focus on, Siteground is a perfect recommendation and definitely the best hosting company you could get your hands on.
However, Siteground also has a few drawbacks from all this. Siteground has a limited storage space compared to other hosting companies and also have a setup fee when you apply for their monthly plan. The setup fee costs an extra $14.95 making you better off with the yearly plan. Regardless, Siteground proves to be a top choice in quality. Apart from just the spectacular features and wide range of options to choose from, their benefits extend beyond your reach and it’s most definitely a hosting company you’ll be satisfied with.